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Tire Videos

On this page we're providing a set of videos for your information, safety instruction, and some entertainment as well. These will tell you about some great new products which have been road and off-road tested for both safety and performance. We're also presenting some important safety tutorials which include subjects like changing flats, tire maintenance, wet road driving and winter driving. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in our opinion, a video is even better. That's because a video not only includes words and pictures, but it also includes words and moving pictures. We hope you enjoy these videos, and we hope they help you become better prepared for the unknowns which lie ahead on every road. Driving a car or truck can be a lot of fun, but it also represents a serious responsibility. At Youngblood Auto & Tire, we want you to enjoy driving, but we want you to stay safe. If you have any questions about tires for your automobile or truck, please give us a call at 512-719-5700 (in Austin, TX). We take tires and automobile safety seriously, and and if you live in Austin, Round Rock, or anywhere in central Texas, we want to be your tire professionals. 

Animated Videos

Tire Index
for Car, Van and Truck Tires

An animated tutorial about car and truck tires, Metric tire code, load index, tire pressure, heavy cargo loads, and safety.

Length: 2:39

Automobile Tires

An animated video about automobile tires related to types of tires, tire sizes, high speeds, road conditions, wet roads, hydroplaning, driving habits, safety and insurance.

Length: 2:58

Michelin Tires

Michelin Primacy

Experience the advanced tire technology of Michelin Primacy MXMS tires.

Length: 2:23

Michelin® HydroEdge®

Reducing fuel consumption with advanced green tire technology means lower emissions and cleaner air.

Length: 3.06

BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich: Everyday Tires

Learn about the personal automobile tire preferences of a new mother and professional stunt driver.

Length: 1:24


BFGoodrich: Tuner

Combining a 15,000 RPM Supercharger and a Titan V-8 with high performance tires.

Length: :45

BFGoodrich: Competition

Boris Said’s first racing victory

Length: .58

Tire Safety

Road Trip

The classic road trip begins with careful, informed preparation.

Length: 2.30


Tire Rotation

Proper front and rear tire rotation procedures.

Length: 3.13


Winter Driving: Braking

Tips for braking on snow covered or icy surfaces.

Length: 4.57


Winter Driving: Turning

Winter driving conditions can make simple turns challenging. Learn the reasons and solutions.

Length: 26


Winter Driving: Acceleration

Proper acceleration on snow and ice requires skill and knowledge. Learn valuable tips from this short video.

Length: 4.13
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Youngblood Automotive & Tire

Youngblood Auto & Tire is a locally owned tire store in Austin, Texas. As an authorized dealer for premium quality tires, we have served Austin, Round Rock, and Central Texas for more than 20 years. Whether you require a single replacement tire, or a complete set of new tires, we are equipped to serve your needs quickly and professionally, with mounting and balancing services, and expert tire inspections. Every tire we install is priced competitively, reflecting our standard tire discount. We also repair flat tires, and provide polyfil treatments for flat-free vehicle operation. In addition to automobile tires, we stock many different types of truck tires as well as tires for tractors, forklifts, and other types of commercial equipment. So, if you need tire service for your commercial vehicles, we know you’ll be pleased with our professional 24/7 fleet service. Need wheels? We can help there too with a full selection of custom rims for your vehicle. We also offer professional auto repair and automotive service, performed by trained and ASE-certified technicians. 

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