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Polyfil Treatment

Guaranteed to last the life of the tire, Polyfil treatments are used throughout the world to prevent flats and the expensive downtime and repairs associated with them. These premium flat-proofing tire treatments are recommended for any type of tire which doesn’t exceed 30 miles per hour during use. 

Injected into tires as a liquid, Polyfil cures into a tough and resilient polymer compound. This material displaces the air and makes it virtually impossible for a tire treated with Polyfil to go flat, ever.

Keep Your Tires Safe on Tough Terrain

Polyfil flat proofing is ideal for many off-road vehicles where rough terrain or nails, Mesquite thorns, or other hazards cause frequent and expensive problems. Tires protected with this treatment are also resistant to spikes and even bullets. Although a tire’s outer rubber treads may be penetrated, it will not go flat. Farm and ranch equipment like tractors, trailers, and harvesting equipment will all benefit from the flat protection Polyfil offers. 

In addition, equipment used in warehouses, lumberyards, quarries, manufacturing and construction sites like forklifts, front-end loaders, bobcats, excavators, and hydraulic-lifts are also prime candidates. Perfectly compatible with the rubber compounds and other materials used in tires, Polyfil will actually improve tire life by maintaining the correct tire shape and contact area. With Polyfil, premature wear caused by under-inflated tires is greatly reduced.

Trust Our Tire Shops to Deliver Polyfil Treatments

As one of the few tire service centers in this entire area providing Polyfil protection, we maintain the specialized equipment and technicians necessary to provide this service. In fact, other tire centers regularly send their tires to us for these treatments. Polyfil is available in three different levels of hardness, from relatively soft to hard, depending on the specific vehicle and its application. 

While very durable, our Rely® 7-15 is the softest Polyfil material, and was developed specifically for flotation-type tires. Formulated specifically for most industrial applications, Rely® 7-25 creates a resilient inner core which delivers the same performance and ride experience as air-filled tires. For tires supporting extra-heavy loads, Rely® 7-45 is our hardest Polyfil treatment, allowing only minimal deflection.

If you need Polyfil flat proofing treatments for your vehicles or equipment, please call Youngblood Auto & tire. Our commercial representative can provide you with more important details, as well as treatment costs for specific tire sizes.

Please call us at (512) 719-5700. You can also contact us online for information on our Polyfil tire treatment.

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