Family-owned & Operated

Founded on the core values of integrity, transparency, and exceptional customer service, we are committed to providing top-quality automotive care.

Downtown Austin Origins

35 Years of Service

We have been in the business of servicing Central Texas' tire and automotive needs since 1971. Austin, Texas, was much smaller then, and it was never a surprise to walk in to get your flat fixed and find yourself sitting down next to Governor Ann Richards, waiting for her tire rotation. Our clientele included Congressmen, judges, attorneys, and good folks. And while we have grown into a thriving business with locations covering the central Texas area, we've always retained that small-town feeling of treating our customers like old friends.

We've kept up with the times as we've increased our services to meet the needs of our customers and are proud to say that many of our customers, both retail and commercial, have been trading with the Youngbloods for several decades. Loyalty like that is no accident.

Our values


We are proud to be part of the Central Texas community and hope you find a home with us. Let us prove that good business isn't a thing of the past. We are in our third generation of Youngbloods in the tire and automotive business, and we hope our family can help your family. Whether for your relatives or your fleet, the Youngbloods are here to serve all your tire and automotive needs.

Youngblood Automotive & Tire is a family-owned and operated auto service and repair facility that has been proudly serving our community for over 35 years.
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