Industrial Division

Explore Tru-test Industrial Tires & Tracks, our Industrial Division, for a selection of durable tires and tracks that enhance efficiency, durability, and offer cost savings in various industrial sectors.

Solid Tires

Durable and puncture-resistant, solid tires are ideal for harsh environments like construction and mining, offering low maintenance and extended lifespan for enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Press-on Tires

Suited for smooth or indoor surfaces, press-on tires provide a smooth ride and low rolling resistance, reducing energy consumption and operator fatigue, ideal for warehousing and manufacturing.

Polyfill Solutions

A puncture-proof tire solution that fills tires with a solid, rubber-like polymer, improving stability, traction, and eliminating downtime caused by flat tires across various industries.

Rubber Tracks

Designed for minimal ground disturbance and enhanced mobility, rubber tracks are perfect for industries like construction, agriculture, and landscaping, offering superior traction and stability.

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